Cancellation Roulette System

The cancellation system takes place  among the most reliable and effective strategies for playing roulette( if the player doesn’t  run out of money for the game, and the size of the bet doesn’t exceed the limit set in casino.)

If player uses this system, then the first thing he or she  has to do is to write down in numbers from 1 to 10 and make a bet on the amount of the first  and the last number of that column (that is, in this case – at 11)

If  succeed  , then used first and last numbers have to be canceled . The next rate should be placed on the sum of the following (still first and last)numbers in the column.

In case of failure while  the first trial, player should add 11 to the last number , and place a bet on the sum of this numbers, obtained again, with the upper number not crossed out. It means , that if player fails at the first attempt, he or she  should add 11 to 10, and, having added 21 with 1, put 22 counters on bet.

The game must continue until all the numbers from the original column will be canceled.

Like all, this system can not be effective for a long time , so the game on this principle requires concentration and vigilance in counting. Even one  incorrect figure can not only take away your winnings, but also start a cycle of loses.

Of course, the system has its advantages and disadvantages.

An unconditional advantage is that it is very flexible and you always have the power to control the size of your bets.

The disadvantage is a great demand for the player’s attention. All calculations should be done extremely accurately.

In general, if you are very interested in this system, then you should first try it –  play a game with “free bets” (in other words – without money.)

Only after practicing and carefully considering all possible combinations  such system can be successfull.