10 Numbers Roulette System

Although roulette is a fairly old and very famous game, the number of people who have never played it  is still great. Accordingly, from this number of people there are those who would like to try, but, like all beginners in anything, they don’t know what to begin with and how to play correctly. They also seek out  different strategies, often without guessing.

But there is a good advice  for newcomers – there is one very good strategy. Its name is “system of ten numbers”.

The biggest advantage of this system is that the risk of losing bets actually falls to 0. Although , the winnings won’t  be too high, but it’s still better than nothing.

The main condition for such system is to have 10 counters.

Next, they need to be placed on the playing field according to this principle – 10 counters  for the first dozen, 10 for the second and 10 for the sectors of the third dozen.

As a result, the playing field is almost completely filled with bets  – only the zero zone and one sector of the third dozen remain blank.

When any sector of the first or second dozen falls out, then the player receives a winning of 30 counters (that is, returns the whole investment)

When the number of the third dozen falls, then the win will be 36 counters.

However, if the number from  blank sectors falls, then all bets are lost.